The Tears of a Machine S.C.

A game of young adult melodrama

and giant robot combat

Years ago the Ven attacked the Earth. Their towering mecha crushed our cities and their drones gathered up people to add to their hive-mind computer. In order to fight back our scientists created the Saints. These giant robots wield tremendous power but are driven by an appetite for destruction. To temper their rage we must have pilots with strong wills and flexible minds. But no young person’s coming-of-age story is ever easy. Those simple stresses and strains might mean a lot more when the fate of the world rests on their shoulders.

Cover Image for The Tears of a Machine SC. Two pilots sit in the outstretched hand of a fallen robotit statue. Another giant robot stands by behind them.

This role-playing game is best played with 2 to 5 people. It uses an exclusive system of rules but requires Fate or Fudge dice. It works best as a story-focused game of collaboration. In the book you’ll find inspiration for creating stories, rules to steer the drama, and advice on playing with the fun of other players in mind.

Accessibility Matters

I’ve made a special commitment with this book to provide greater access for blind readers, those with dyslexia, and other print-related disabilities. A fully accessible audiobook of The Tears of a Machine S.C. will be available soon. The text is narrated by a team of RPG podcasters and designers and features EPUB text to audio synchronization.

Get the Game

You can purchase The Tears of a Machine S.C. through several online storefronts. Note that the EPUB audiobook is coming soon and will be added on to most purchases once available, as well as being offered for free, separately.

  • You’ll find the digital (PDF and EPUB files) version of the book here. Also several generous donors have provided free “community copies,” intended to provide an option for players whose financial situation would otherwise keep them from the game. Everyone deserves to play.
  • DriveThruRPG: In addition to the digital format, you can order a Print-On-Demand physical copy of the book through DTRPG. Please note, this is the only way to get a print copy of the book.
  • Indie Press Revolution: Coming soon.

Keep In Touch

You can email with your questions and comments. Join the Robot Claw Game Design Discord server for updates and community gathering. Read more on the Robot Claw blog right here.