Kickstarter . . . Launch!

Today I launch the Kickstarter funding drive for the Tears of a Machine role playing game. Here!
Tears of a Machine is about the teenage pilots of giant robots and how the ups and downs of their lives give them the strength to fight off an alien assault. The pilot’s hopes, fears, friends, and rivals will help or harm her self-esteem. Getting a love note to the cute guy or girl on the other side of the classroom or winning the volleyball match might save her life when a brutal alien robot falls from the sky to crush a city and she flies to defend the people.
Game mechanics that are speedy and accessible are important to me, so Tears uses 6-sided dice and some simple addition to work out the results of challenges. The outcome of most situations are decided by a single roll but when things get especially tense or dangerous then the rules “zoom in” to cover the back and forth of winning and losing but without sacrificing the opportunity for a dramatic narrative.
Do you want to know more? Check out the kickstarter page. Review the rewards; read about my excellent creative team; look at the beautiful art; download the sample adventure; watch a video in which I try and fail to maintain eye contact with the camera!
Tears of a Machine on
This writing project has been my labor of love over the past two years. It’s undergone multiple full drafts, 50+ hours of play-test sessions, and dozens revisions and rewrites! I’m already happy with what I’ve created already in writing the complete draft of Tears, but seeing it made into a physical artifact will make the accomplishment “real” to me.
Thank you for your attention and for your support!

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  1. Joshua Yearsley
    July 4, 2013 - 8:01 pm

    Hi Russell! Congratulations on launching your campaign. Are you looking for an editor or proofer by any chance? You can see some of my work and testimonials on my website, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    • Joshua, Thank you for the offer but I have already contracted J. R. Blackwell to handle editing duties. I will keep you in mind though if there is more work. Thank you for being up-front about your rates too.
      Russell Collins

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