70,000 Sure is a Lot of Words!

Sorry that I’ve gone dark for so long and deprived you of updates! J. R. Blackwell returned the text to me with her editorial remarks and I’ve been making my way through, tweaking, adjusting, correcting, and polishing with her excellent guidance. This is the “how the sausage is made” part of the process, with lots of minutiae so there’s just not much to share. Nothing exciting at least. So while I continue to trawl my way through all these words, let’s enjoy some pleasant distractions.
Pilot Launch Suit Design
Jennifer Rodgers, our esteemed illustrator has been working on more designs for the illustrations of Tears and here’s her first draft of the pilot’s Launch Suits.
The astute viewer will notice a few references to religious iconography in the patterns. It will be more obvious once the pilots have their neural exchange halos attached.
Virtuacon is Coming Soon!
Most events are full up but you can still find a space here or there. Head on over and check it out. Be sure to tune in for the panel presentation on accessibility in game design from Jacob Wood and me.
So is Metatopia!
The game design convention in northern New Jersey is at the end of this month. In addition to another panel discussion on accessibility, I’ll also be presenting a new design. A horror game inspired by a toothache and root canal. Hooray! Registrations for those eager to test new and upcoming games begins soon!
And Halloween!
Though my own costume might be a little boring this year, J. R. and her husband Jared Axelrod will be Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovsky, the pilots of Cherno Alpha from Pacific Rim. I hope to share some of their photos with you all so you can see the detailed work that the two of them have put into these costumes.
Thanks all always for your support and May the SAInts Preserve Us.

Our Work Continues
Tears Progress and Metatopia

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