Turning the Corner to Production

Been a while since my last full update but that’s because we’ve been busy, busy, busy.

Cards and Badges

The “feelies” (physical rewards) are set! I got the box of CRC ID cards this past week and they look and feel as good as I had hoped. The Preservation Forces patch has been drafted and approved and is in production now. He’s a peek at the studio’s proof:
This image is slightly lower res, but I was surprised at the scale and detail that we were able to get for our budget; 4 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide. Everyone of our SAInt tier and higher backers will receive one of these with their physical copy of the book. Thank you, once more, to our Angel tier backer, Athrun Nailo.

Finishing the PDF

Apart from some minor tweaks, the layout is complete and as Jennifer finishes the artwork we’ll get it ready for the PDF of the book. Here’s one of her chapter title plates:
TearsofaMachine.DuelI always love seeing Jenn’s monsters. I think she’s done an excellent job of realizing the Magnas in all their demonic, robotic glory.

Beginning to Create the Accessible Version

Because the text is done I can begin work on creating the DAISY audio book version. I can’t offer a guaranteed ETA on it but I will have several days at the end of December to record. As I go through the steps of producing this audio version I’ll share the process through a series of updates.
May the SAInts Preserve Us.

Tears Progress and Metatopia
Making the DAISY Format Book – Part 1

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